Amie Schroeder Photography & Cinema

About Us

So we're Jake and Amie. Two peas in an awesome pod. Yin & Yang, light & dark, stills & motion! We love working together. I head up the photography and Jake creates the ahhhhmazing movies.

We started together in 2009 and have had too much fun ever since : ) I come from the world of commercial design & photography - but after attending my friend's wedding in California, I became hooked on awesome wedding photography. We started our studio and booked a bunch of weddings and never looked back. Jake was always a movie maker, and once he saw the kind of movies our cameras could make - he said "Oh, I'm soooo doing that." Jake made 2 wedding trailers and the rest is cinematic history. He single-handedly redeemed wedding video for me : )

We are growing in leaps and bounds - always trying to push ourselves to not just be good -but to be great at what we do. We do this because we love what we do, and we love the clients we do it for. Wanna know more..really? Shoot us an email and we can chat over some hot cocoa (coffee is too adult for me - who knew).

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