Jason & Angie are a creative power couple…a couple of creative people…either way, they are chock full of awesomeness.  After meeting Jason (and later Angie) I knew I was going to be in for an ahhhhmazing wedding.  Their wedding invitation alone was incredible (personally designed..letter-pressed…need I say more).  The day of their wedding there was a storm of epic proportions (not an exaggeration)  This wasn’t some mamby-pamby, cutesy rain.  Oh no.  This was a soul-crushing, hit-the-ground-so-hard-it-comes-back-up-at-you rain.  Not the best for wedding pictures.  We brain-stormed, and Jason called the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.  They were sooooooo helpful, and allowed us to shoot their bridal portraits there.  The rain was a downer – but getting to shoot a first look in a museum surrounded by gorgeous art…yeah, I’ll take that!  We had a blast!

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty great after their epic portrait session – but I was in for more treats once I got to their reception.  Angie is the queen of details – and I was loving it!  Everywhere I looked there was yet another hand-made, ahhhmazing detail.   If you love her details as much as I do – check out her new wedding/party decor site  (coming soon at bysweetwater.com)  Until then you can always email her:  angie@bysweetwater.com.  Thanks guys for having us at your wedding.  We had a blast!

Alyse and Matt were one for the books : ) She was so easy going and happy, and Matt was just….naughty, mischievous,…like a bad elf : ) He was hilarious. Alyse had a designer make all of her bridesmaids’ dresses, and the designer was there in the morning to help the girls get ready…it’s nice to have super talented friends! I really loved their personal vows (Matt did not disappoint : ) Alyse & Matt are plant lovers – so their favors/place-card holders were a variety of succulents. This is my new favorite type of plant (they are hard to kill…) Everything went off without a hitch thanks to their planner Natalie Diener My favorite part of the day was by far their reception. Alyse has such a beautiful smile, and Matt kept her laughing allll night. We had a great time, and we loved working with everyone at the Constitution Center – it’ always a treat to work there.

You know how in the middle of summer all you can wish for is cooler weather…..well, you’re not alone. Since I’ve been feeling a bit overheated the past couple of weeks I decided to reminisce about some cooler times. I got to shoot Mary & Steve’s Wedding this past February, and we totally lucked out with a bit of snow on the ground : ) The snow made everything soooooo pretty (Mary was pretty awesome to start with : ) It was such a romantic wedding – Mary & Steve were soooo in love they couldn’t feel the cold. She spent a ton of time on her gorgeous details – so be prepared for some great ideas…. Enjoy the preview!

I have been soooo bad about keeping up with my blog – my bad…because I have soooo many fun things to share. This is one wedding that I will never forget. Xin & Di had a beautiful and intimate wedding on the beach in Cape May followed by a brunch aferward. Xin is the embodiment of grace – I know that sounds a bit “flowery” and over-the-top – but, seriously, if you knew her you would have to agree. All things I learned at their engagement session. She can make anything appear graceful. It’s a rare gift. Her wedding dress was soooo incredible! It was like a work of art – and let me tell you, it’s not an easy dress to pull off, but Xin definitely did : ) I had such a good time with them and their family. Thank you so much for including us in your gorgeous day!

Soooo Gabby and Jacob was wedding we were sooooo looking forward to doing. Gabby & Jacob are high school sweet hearts, adore each other, and look even more adorable together. Jacob comes from a BIG family which is always fun to be around. Gabby has 2 gorgeous (and hilarious) sisters – needless to say – we were totally entertained! I loved everything about this wedding: gorgeous bride & groom, beautiful wedding party, and the venue!!! Sigh – They had their ceremony in the garden area and the LIGHT!!! Too beautiful (I’m having a photog fit just thinking about it) Gabby & Jacob ruled the dance floor allllll night. Thanks guys for letting us be there and have soooooo much fun!

Gabby and Jacob Wedding Trailer from Jacob W Schroeder on Vimeo.