Portraits of Jacob & Amie Schroeder
Hi. I’m Amie – the one on the left. The cute one next to me is Jake. Jake and Amie – that’s us. Like “steak and eggs” (don’t ask me why I always think of that combination when I say our names..) We are a husband and wife photography team. A dynamic duo. Partners in crime…o.k. maybe not “crime” but partners through and through.

I started this business when I left the world of commercial design. I decided to focus on modern photography, and Jake specialized in cinematography. Together we launched our studio and never looked back. Being apart of people’s lives at some of their best moments is why we do this. These aren’t just pictures or videos. They’re glimpses into people’s lives. We make history, and we love every minute of it.

So browse through some of our most recent work and enjoy – and if you have some history you’re making, we’d love to hear about it. Click on the contact page and send us a email (I love email – almost as much as getting a letter in the real mail).