We met Mary & Sey at her sister’s wedding. Now this is a group that knows how to party – so we’re really excited to do their wedding! Mary & Sey live near the gorgeous Valley Forge Park – so we ran around there and had some fun…we also got pulled over. This was the first time I had this happen to me on an engagement session (bound to happen some day). But the officer was very nice and let us go on our merry way to take pretty pictures (whew ; ). Mary & Sey are adorable – and I had a great time (cops and all : )

Lauren has that “girl-next-door” quality…because she really was.  Lauren and Tyler grew up together in the same, small island town.  Tyler is a commercial fisherman, just like Lauren’s Dad, so they wanted to do a shoot down by the boats on Long Beach Island.  I have never been there before – so I took the opportunity to get there early and look around.  I even got a last minute tour of the lighthouse (not always a great way to start a shoot….climbing 6 flights of stairs…but totally worth it : )  I have to tell you – Lauren and Tyler told me they were nervous about their shoot – but MAN were they naturals.  First of all they were ahhhdorable (Lauren even had little anchors on her scarf ).  Secondly, they were so willing to try any crazy thing I suggested : ).  But best of all – I loved how they reacted to each other.  Tyler may have been quiet and nervous – but he adores Lauren.  I loved the way they would look at each other – made me smile while I was editing their session.  Thank you guys for being sooo awesome on your shoot – can’t wait for the big day this fall!


I notice I say my couples are “adorable” a lot…..well, it’s true – they are adorable.  Xin and Di are INSANELY adorable.  I had toooooo much fun with them.  First of all – we had a summer day in April (it was almost 90 degrees…right) Secondly, we shot at the Tyler Arboretum which is uber beautiful.  Last but not least, Xin and Di brought the love – they looked sooo cute and were happy and playful (recipe for awesome engagement session)  Di is so happy – he was always laughing, and Xin is so graceful – at one point she climbed into a tree (yes, yes she did) and made it look effortless.  I would have had leaves in my hair and bark where I would definitely NOT want bark…but I digress.  Since we were there during the week – we practically had the place to ourselves which made it very easy to them to be comfortable – so remember that if you’re planning your engagement session.  If you hate getting your picture taken – choose a nice, quiet spot for your shoot so you don’t feel like you’re making a spectacle of yourself (that phrase “making a spectacle of yourself” is such an “old lady” phrase…what is up with me today) Enough about me – enjoy the preview : )


We met Danielle & Greg at Heather & Ed’s Wedding. Greg is Ed’s brother, so I was really excited when they wanted Jake and I to do their wedding. See are always meeting new couples – sometimes it’s nice to know people at the wedding (that we know like to party : )
These two are high school sweet hearts….well, at least Greg has loved her since high school (Danielle eventually came around : ) They were a little nervous about their shoot (hey, I don’t really like getting my picture taken either..true story). Honestly, they had nothing to worry about – they looked ahhhhmazing. Check out the puppy love too!

I have been waiting to blog this one (I put these up on my new website before I even had a chance to blog…I just couldn’t wait to show these off : ) Gabby and Jacob are aaaaaaadorable. I had so much fun with those two! I love when I catch couples realing laughing and having a good time….well these two jokers were laughing constantly. Laughing and hugging, hugging and laughing – the perfect engagement session. Jacob is enormous and extremely huggable…he works out : ) (inside joke) Gabby is ubber stylish and soooo much fun! She works at The Bridal Suite in Hamilton Square (looking for a wedding gown – check them out : ) I think it is too tempting to work at a Bridal salon AND be engaged. I would try on dresses alllll day long (I would probably do that even if I wasn’t engaged : ) Gabby is sooo awesome that she let me use some of their latest dresses for my commercial shoot (coming soon : ) I love these two adorable kids!!! Can’t wait for the big day this coming fall!