I have known Melissa most of my life.  I even remember the day she talked about being a mom – we were only 21 and heading to a wedding in Lancaster.  She said that she always wanted to be a mom.  This took me by surprise only because Melissa was such a jetsetter – one day she’s in New York, the next day Paris or London or LA…you get the picture.  I had to ask why.  She said that being a mother is the most unselfish thing a person can do -dedicate their life to loving and taking care of someone.  Now I love to make jokes…pretty much about everything – but that left me speechless.  I never forgot it.  Well, Melissa gets to do the most unselfish and loving thing now – she became a mom this month.  I’m so happy for her (and more than a little proud : ) She’s a wonderful mother….o.k. enough about her, let’s dish about my little Grayson!  He’s adorable!  And he has lit-rally THE best hair any baby has ever had.  Hands down.  He did soooo good on his first photo session (slept like a boss : ) I put that little guy everywhere, and he stayed asleep.  Enjoy the little glimpse of my nephew : )  Aunt Amie loves ya kiddo.