Aunt Kate came over on Monday and did another awesome baby shoot with Dylan. Kate’s work is so whimsical – I love it! She did a radtastic job on our maternity shoot and on Dylan’s fist baby shoot. Kate makes my life easier – I feel so guilty sometimes because I’m always photographing other people, and I don’t always get to take photos of my boys. I’m usually running after them or feeding them (constantly…) or refereeing them. This time I got to take a few pics of my own – I especially like the ones of Aunt Kate. Dylan was loving all the attention (my kids are such hams) He was also lovin’ Kate. I can’t wait to see the amazing shots she took….Thanks Aunt Kate – you’re the Best!!!

So – Most of my sessions these past months you may have noticed me complaining about being hugely pregnant during it…Well, not anymore. I have since had my baby. My HUGE baby. He was 12lbs 3oz. Yep. 12lbs! I kid you not. He set a record at the hospital – it was a small hospital, but still. Anyway here are two of the most recent photos of my lovely fat-faced baby Dylan. Enjoy.