This is no simple “save-the-date” movie that Jake masterfully whipped up : )  This is an interview!!!  We have been dying to try this out – and honestly, I loved it!  Amy & Shawn were our willing test subjects…wow, that sounds too clinical – lets just call them trusting & adventurous spirits ….too new agey…oh well, you get the point.  I loved adding the interview because I usually ask these crazy questions while I’m shooting – but Jake doesn’t always get to hear it.  This time we ran around and took pictures – THEN sat down like civilized people and got to learn so much about Amy & Shawn.  This was really special to me to get to know them so well – thank you thank you thank you Amy & Shawn for being so brave and open.  You have blazed a new trail of awesomeness for our little business – one that makes us love what we do even more : )

Debbie & Mitchell wanted to have their session down in Ocean City…then the “hurricane” happened. Their session was the next day, and I wondered what the shore would look like (all I could picture were images of Katrina-like destruction). No mass destruction. Nothing. Totally gorgeous. So we had a great time playing on the swings…in the water…on the rocks (scarier than it looks) and on the boardwalk. I was exhausted by the end (how do my kids do it?) Enjoy your preview & we’ll see you in the Spring!


Jake used one of my new favorites for this video (I think I’m putting this song on my site…..) Danielle & Brady were sooooo cute on their engagement session – we had a ball.  We loved her retro style that Jake decided to put together a more vintage feel to their Save the Date Movie.  Enjoy!

Danielle & Brady wanted to head to an orchard to pick fruit for there engagement (what a great idea!!!) Of course they looked waaaay too cute to be picking fruit – but I think they always look cute.  Danielle was rocking out the cowboy boots and a feather headband (full of awesomeness) We had a great time dancing around despite the heat (it’s fun when I get to play the music I love on a shoot).  We only had about an hour at the orchard before they closed (for anyone else wanting to try this- go Saturday not Sunday – they stay open much later on Saturday) but I had tooo many amazing photos of these two – you would think we were there all day.  See you guys in September!  Enjoy your preview!


Al & Maria had THE most elaborate idea yet for an engagement movie.  Al wanted to do a bank heist from the 20/30’s.  I had noooo idea how we would pull it off, but it really came together.  Al and Maria called Del Frisco’s in Philadelphia (they have an old vault because they used to be a bank : )  Al & Maria brought costumes and extra actors : )  Jake really went alllll out for this movie.  Enjoy!  (you might some popcorn for this one : )