“Back to School” always created a vat of mixed emotions in me. Part excitement, part dread. Except senior year, of course. I loved every minute of it. Every day was the “last” that year – the “last October 2nd” I would be in high school, and so on and so on. So, since senior year is so awesome – I’m going to help some special seniors remember their last year as fondly as I did – with a custom wallet box. If awesomeness came in a box – it would look like this.

I design a custom wallet box from your amazing senior portrait session – and then you get to fill it with 4 different custom wallet size pictures (again, all from your splendid senior session).

Here’s a sample of a finished custom box:

Here’s a sample of my latest box layout:

And here are the custom wallet pics I mentioned earlier:

Check out our newest endeavor…Senior Pictures!!! Senior pictures have seriously changed since I was in high school. Skylar (who is a niece of one of my favorite clients: Liz) is a senior and wanted some awesome photos in New York. She came prepared – 2 outfits, 2 hairstyles, and lots of moxy. We had a good time. We started in Central Park for some tame, pretty photos…then changed outfits and moved on to Lincoln Center (the parking garage is one of my new favorite places in the world!! weird, I know). Finally, we headed over to Time Square – this was one crazy place for a Wednesday night! All the lights flashing…ADD paradise. Thanks Skylar for being such a great model (and thanks mom for setting this all up and being our hair and makeup guru). Enjoy your preview.


I leave you with one of my allllll time favorite photos…in my new favorite place (Lincoln Center Parking Garage…)