Jason & Angie are a creative power couple…a couple of creative people…either way, they are chock full of awesomeness.  After meeting Jason (and later Angie) I knew I was going to be in for an ahhhhmazing wedding.  Their wedding invitation alone was incredible (personally designed..letter-pressed…need I say more).  The day of their wedding there was a storm of epic proportions (not an exaggeration)  This wasn’t some mamby-pamby, cutesy rain.  Oh no.  This was a soul-crushing, hit-the-ground-so-hard-it-comes-back-up-at-you rain.  Not the best for wedding pictures.  We brain-stormed, and Jason called the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.  They were sooooooo helpful, and allowed us to shoot their bridal portraits there.  The rain was a downer – but getting to shoot a first look in a museum surrounded by gorgeous art…yeah, I’ll take that!  We had a blast!

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty great after their epic portrait session – but I was in for more treats once I got to their reception.  Angie is the queen of details – and I was loving it!  Everywhere I looked there was yet another hand-made, ahhhmazing detail.   If you love her details as much as I do – check out her new wedding/party decor site  (coming soon at bysweetwater.com)  Until then you can always email her:  angie@bysweetwater.com.  Thanks guys for having us at your wedding.  We had a blast!