I notice I say my couples are “adorable” a lot…..well, it’s true – they are adorable.  Xin and Di are INSANELY adorable.  I had toooooo much fun with them.  First of all – we had a summer day in April (it was almost 90 degrees…right) Secondly, we shot at the Tyler Arboretum which is uber beautiful.  Last but not least, Xin and Di brought the love – they looked sooo cute and were happy and playful (recipe for awesome engagement session)  Di is so happy – he was always laughing, and Xin is so graceful – at one point she climbed into a tree (yes, yes she did) and made it look effortless.  I would have had leaves in my hair and bark where I would definitely NOT want bark…but I digress.  Since we were there during the week – we practically had the place to ourselves which made it very easy to them to be comfortable – so remember that if you’re planning your engagement session.  If you hate getting your picture taken – choose a nice, quiet spot for your shoot so you don’t feel like you’re making a spectacle of yourself (that phrase “making a spectacle of yourself” is such an “old lady” phrase…what is up with me today) Enough about me – enjoy the preview : )